Great Slippers for Winter Wonderfeet

We have some fantastic slippers in our online shop for you this season. Our focus is always on quality, comfort and style and we have some great brands to showcase.

If you’re a merino wool fan you’ll adore our collection of merino wool slippers and boots, all made from the finest New Zealand and Australian Merino wool. As well as being super comfy, the healthy benefits of using merino wool are well known: they are hypoallergenic, breathable, have thermo-regulating properties, are extra light-weight, as well as being odour resistant and easy to care for. What’s not to love?! 

One of our most popular sellers are the Merino Wool Bootie Slippers (made from 100% merino wool). Soft, cosy, breathable and lightweight they’re a deliciously comfortable fit to keep your feet happy over the winter months. These fantastic slippers also feature a non-slip sole with grips. 

Our range of sheepskinslippers is, of course, extensive and we’re proud to offer a range of styles to suit the whole family. Whether you like hard sole, soft sole, full cuff or half cuff, bright, traditional or chic, we have something you’ll love. 

One of our most popular sheepskin slippers are the mules. In the men’s range we love the ‘Wills’ mules, made of the highest quality skins from Swedish and Australian Merino Sheepskin, giving you pure luxury and comfort. With hard rubber soles they are also suitable for light outdoor use making them great for popping out with the recycling or grabbing a few logs for the fire.

Mules are also really popular with women because of their versatility, comfort and classic look. View the ‘Zara’ mules here and the gorgeous ‘Jessica’ chestnut sheepskin mules (featured below) here. 

Our moccasin slippers are a classic choice and we have a great range for both men and women here. Featured below are the deliciously pink and fluffy moccasins, which are perfect for lounging about in and guaranteed to keep your feet warm and snug. 

Wishing you all a season of cosy, happy feet. View our full range of slippers on our website and we hope you find the perfect pair for you.