Drive in Luxury with a Pure Sheepskin Car Seat Cover

You’ve got the car stereo sorted, air conditioning on and a thermal cup of coffee by your side ready for a long trek for your family holiday this year. The one car comfort it’s easy to overlook is a comfortable seat cover. Make your journey comforts complete with one of our sheepskin car seat covers.

Our natural car seat cover is really popular and comes in universal fit to adjust to all car seats. It can be fitted and removed easily with the elasticated straps which also help to hold it securely in place. With luxuriously soft sheepskin and a padded back for extra comfort even a whole day of driving will feel easy. What’s more, the natural nature of sheepskin will ensure you enjoy all year round temperature control.

While you’re making improvements to your car comforts, why not pop one of our chamois leathers into your shopping basket too? Great for cleaning and polishing smudgy windscreens and mirrors, as well as giving your car a polish, no long journey should be without it!

Enjoy your summer travels and stay comfortable.