Discover the Magical Properties of Sheepskin

We love sheepskin and use it for most of our products. It has been used to make coats, hats, gloves, shoes and boots for millennia, and has proved it’s worth as a quality material which can endure the test of time.

But what is it that is so special about sheepskin? Aside from its natural softness, which provides comfort and luxury, sheepskin is also durable and versatile. The natural properties in Sheepskin will help keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer, perfect for our unpredictable UK weather! 

Unlike many synthetic materials, sheepskin is breathable so your feet will feel comfortable wearing sheepskinslippers all year round and your baby will feel happy with a sheepskin pushchair liner even if the sun makes a prolonged appearance on a spring day.


Sheepskin has endured the test of time because it’s a quality, natural material, and as such it has a classic, timeless appearance which holds it’s own against the various fashion trends which come and go. Our sheepskin gloves are not only deliciously warm and practical, they will also look just as good this season as next.

Whilst other materials might look faded and tatty after a few months of wear, sheepskin will age beautifully with time. With proper care, a timeless classic like our Mens Aviator Jacket will only improve with age.

Sheepskin might cost more than products made of other materials, but its many qualities make it well worth the higher price tag. To discover more beautiful sheepskin coats, gloves, hats boots and more browse our website.